Data Realized

Data Realization

Gaining competitive advantage and market value by realizing the value of the data within your business through services and management that proactively safeguards its integrity, access and worth.

About Data Realized

Our passion is to help your business realize the best value of its data by helping you safeguard both its integrity and its access. Beginning in 2004 and based in Denver, Colorado, our consultants have been engaged nationwide assisting our clients with their data.

Data Realized is lead by Principal Consultant, Jeremy Lowell. Jeremy has a track record of solving complex issues for small and large enterprises at any point in the lifecycle of a business. From start-ups to mature corporations, Jeremy has been a leader in implementing best practices, ensuring data realization and helping business leaders access their data in more meaningful ways. In addition, Jeremy is a strong advocate for bridging the gap between technologists and business leaders, speeding market decisions.

Jeremy is also a recognized speaker at many technical conferences and serves as a member of several technical standards bodies.

It's your data, realized.

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