Data Realized

Case Study: Front Porch

A performance tuning engagement can be as specific as a unit of code or as broad as the entire infrastructure. In cases of a broad performance tuning request, we begin the process with an initial assessment of your environment. This will then help to scope and identify the unit of work needed for the performance tuning aspect of the engagement.

We believe in empowering your organization for the long term. This includes leaving behind scripts, traces, baseline data and a hand-off of information that allows our clients to become self-sufficient over the long term.

Front Porch, the world-wide leader in customer messaging and advertising solutions for internet providers, engaged Data Realized to provide an assessment of their database architecture. While their database offering already exceeded a terabyte in size and billions of records, they are poised for significant growth and asked for a roadmap to support 5x growth. Over the course of this engagement we found that while the logical schema was very sound, there existed an opportunity with importing millions of rows of data and scaling the existing model.

The engagement resulted in: