Data Realized

Case Study: The Magellan Network

This type of engagement involves discovery of business and data modeling needs and planning the staged implementation of recommendations that result. Whether you need a new database implementation or a modification of an existing database, we can help.

The Magellan Network provides online services that are guaranteed to increase both restaurant revenue and guest convenience. Data Realized was engaged to evaluate the current database architecture to meet their growing needs and ensure its accuracy, scalability and stability prior to the software’s launch.

The engagement consisted of discovery, recommendations and staged implementation of those recommendations. In this engagement we reviewed the logical database models, the physical database design, their OLAP and Data Warehouse environment, indexing analysis, physical disk I/O, internationalization feasibility and their database change control process.

The engagement resulted in:

Jeremy’s work was critical to the successful redesign and launch of Magellan’s software. Magellan’s applications generate and manage business transactions, and the database design that preceded Jeremy’s work lacked the insights and optimizations that we’d need for internationalization, high throughput and high-availability production operations. Database redesign can be difficult in web transaction applications because of the tiers of code built onto database access, but Jeremy’s work was both sharp and gentle – producing remarkable performance, reliability and scalability improvements while staying in sync with application- and presentation-level coding efforts. Jeremy was terrific to work with and was liked and respected by the whole software development team. He did great and insightful work, and I look forward to working with him again.
- John Repko, CTO at The Magellan Network